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July Update

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

We’re not dead! Yet…

However, this does prove to be a busy time of year for me, and as such, I’m sure you’ve noticed that not much has been posted on here for a while. That doesn’t mean nothing’s going on though! Instead, we’re starting to rethink the focus of the website.

When we got to thinking about it…so many other sites do long-winded reviews of movies that are currently out in theatres. Sure, we try to offer a unique perspective, but, meh, we’ll be realistic, you can find better sources for that sort of thing. Still, we love the movies…so they won’t disappear completely from the site. Instead, we’ll offer One Paragraph Movie Reviews (OPMR)s…where we’ll try to keep the review brief…what we liked, what we hated and maybe why we did so. I’ll admit, I’m also playing around with the concept of a “Review Haiku”. No promises on that one though. Sounds like it could be epic.

Our movie focus is going to shift to home video. But not just any home video. These will be movies that more than likely fly under the radar of most other sites. You know the like…the ones that come out every Tuesday and the cover looks just interesting enough and the price is just cheap enough where you say, “Ah, what the hell?” These will be divided into 2 groups: Impulse Buy Theatre and Chop Suey Cinema (since, for whatever reason, a LOT of these fall in the Kung Fu variety!). We’ll still do reviews of big releases as well as our “In Defense of…” and “Because I Hate Myself” reviews.

Toy, game (video or otherwise) and Toon reviews will be unaffected. And of course, there’ll be Opinions.

We’ll try to post when we can to try out the new concepts, but again, real life is busy right now.

Worst case scenario…we’ll see you in the Fall!

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