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Nuking the Podcat - Episode 2: Buckaroo Banzai

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

For the Podcast itself, click HERE to listen via Google Podcasts.

Well, most of the feedback was positive…so we’re back for a second episode! [You only have yourselves to blame from this point on. – Ed.]

Join us as we take a look at W.D Richter’s directorial debut, the cult classic Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension. Gone are the headlines from the previous episode…since we’re aiming for a monthly podcast, the rationale was that by the time we get to them, any headlines will be old news. Besides, there are other podcasts that seem to cover that pretty well. For this episode, we’ve adopted a scripted intro and outro and are working on our review based on notes we took during viewing.

You wouldn’t know this from the tangents, but yes, notes were indeed present.

We’re still working on getting volume levels that work…Charles sounds good this time while my mic feed can sound a little soft at times. Oh well…there’s always next time. So…without further ado, press play and prepare to lose an hour or so of your life…


0:00:00 Opening and introductions.

0:00:55 Film introduction and background.

0:03:20 The Cast / how Lithgow got his Italian accent /

bad impressions / inspirations for Banzai’s


0:07:40 The professions of Buckaroo Banzai.

0:08:45 Extended Opening vs Theatrical Cut / Hannoi

Xan / first discovering the film / merchandising /

the 80’s / synth soundtrack.

0:14:00 From neurosurgery to test pilot in one scene or less / testing the

overthruster / Charles’ voyage to the 8th Dimension / details details

details / a message from the AFK Tavern.

0:18:00 From test pilot to rock star in one scene or less / operation / the Hong

Kong Cavaliers / in medias res (sink or swim) / Penny Priddy / BB for

president / “Hey, it’s Buckaroo Banzai!” vs. Harry Potter / Hollywood

risks, soccer moms & the internet.

0:24:45 Ladies and gentlemen…the plot! / Does TV Guide still exist? / The

possession of Dr. Lizardo and other Lectroid powers / Lord John

Whorfin vs Donald Trump / Lectroid roll call / laughs on set / ADD and

anticlimaxes / learning to fly.

0:31:15 Kids with guns / huffing / Black Lectroids and the rasta / the

watermelon and Bonzai tech / name that Lectroid / War of the Worlds.

0:39:00 Presidential hemorrhoid surgery and holding your fudge / inside

Yoyodine / remaking Buckaroo Banzai / 80’s cheese / how Banzai was

written / Behold the power of a cheesy tangent

0:45:25 Lectroid hand movements and character nuances / Steve tries to sing

(You might want to skip that) / movie synergy and chemistry /

ruminations of Bigboote / facial patterns and recognition / ties to The

Matrix / Declaration of War: The Short Form / anatomy of a Penny /

Shout Factory’s documentary and Kevin Smith’s Lincoln center intro /

Charles hates women.

0:54:55 Back to remaking Banzai / the scope of streaming and the nature of a

niche audience / the nature of nerd-dom / Shout Factory release vs old

MGM DVD release and the extended cut.

1:00:15 Buckaroo Banzai closing moments and credits.

1:04:15 Nuking the Cat rating for Buckaroo Banzai

1:07:40 Next time on Nuking the Cat…FROM BEYOND, directed by Stuart

Gordon and starring Jeffery Combs.

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