I make hockey jerseys...take a look!

And possibly other stuff too...have to justify buying a sewing machine!
**NOTE**  I CANNOT sell these due to legal concerns.  However, I'll be updating this section to include instructions and links as to how to make your own!
Green Lantern

Using the same methods I used with Superman, having a local baseball jersey shop do the letters and numbers on the back and getting the base jersey from the same wholesaler, for some odd reason, GL here seems to be a favorite of those that see the jerseys...and for the life of me, I cannot understand why, as he's definitely top of my list for a redo!

Optimus Prime

Finally I sought professional help.  No, no...not THAT kind!  I discovered www.icejerseys.com and their help proved to be invaluable, producing my first professional looking hockey jersey!


This has a base of a Chicago Blackhawks third (or alternate) jersey with Autobot patches applied.


With Optimus...one MUST have a Megatron, and so I do!


The base for this one is an Anaheim Ducks third (or alternate) jersey.  I have to admit, this one isn't my idea.  I found someone had made one very much like this on a custom hockey jersey message board, and, well, I wasn't going to mess with what I felt was a perfect design.



Next up we have Batman...made from a one-off Buffalo Sabres jersey from...2001 maybe?  I can't remember.  But it kept most of the Bat's traditional colors and, in spite of my Bat-fatigue, well...it works.


Soon to be part of my own collection, this Gretzky-era LA Kings jersey proved to be a perfect backdrop for Frank Castle's signature skull.

The Punisher

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