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Nuking the Podcat - Episode 4: Lone Wolf McQuade

Welcome back to Episode 4 of Nuking the Podcat featuring the film Lone Wolf McQuade starring Chuck Norris and David Carradine.

No…you haven’t missed anything. Yes, there was an Episode 3 that focused on From Beyond…but a mix of technology and automotives got in the way and…well, here we are. Anyway, so much for the monthly goal, but yeah, we are going to try and have them a bit more regularly for 2017. [And like all New Year’s resolutions… - Ed.]

Two things to note here in the sound is that my mic stand broke just prior to recording, so there is an occasional thump as I’m trying to keep the stand from falling apart. I’m not the only one to blame though…because at some point while listening, you’re going to think that your phone is vibrating and I assure you it isn’t. Charles left his phone on the table during recording and was receiving a bunch of texts…and that sound comes through pretty clearly.

0:00:00 Opening and introductions

0:01:38 Whatever happened to Episode 3?/Cursed Movies

0:03:00 Intro to Lone Wolf McQuade/A House Divided/Barbara

Carrera’s taste in underwear

0:05:06 Looking into the film and its critical reception/Spaghetti

Western ties/David Carradine’s taste in sweaters

matches Bill Cosby’s/Carradine’s Kung Fu/Chuck vs Bruce

0:07:36 Plot synopsis?/Trailer spoilers and cop clichés/Murdock vs

MODOK/horse wrangling with alcohol/Where’s the Riff?/

Charles’ initial defense/Spaghetti music/The Uzi in the 80s

0:11:20 Bad Hombres cliché/The Raid? Part 1/Chuck Norris, a man of many hats/70’s fashion alive and well in the 80’s/

a tie to Blade Runner?

0:13:20 Best divorce ever?/Incest???/Dads that cock-block

0:16:00 Cop Cliché Bingo/more on stereotypes/training montage/Star Trek Voyager connection/Chuck Norris hates to

shower/…and is hairy as hell/Call the ASPCA?

0:20:05 Instant home remodeling/Cheap Beer, Pearl Beer/Raising Arizona interlude/back to Chuck Norris’ body

hair/Steve has ear hair and looks like Michael McDonald/back to David Carradine’s fashion/the opening renege

and is that kick real?

0:26:00 Uzi accuracy/callback to the family-slash-hostages/Take your pick of black sidekicks/Leon Isaac Kennedy’s hair

0:29:38 The Midget/never mention Smurfs/sequel talk?/how exactly does one say Carradine’s character’s name?/


0:32:10 Chuck’s spotlight, dammit/the chicken or the egg of clichés/is Steve a jerk?/Chuck’s oeuvre/no bras, no glory/

did they do it?/stalking and cleaning/Charles is obsessed with the incest/where’s Waldo’s bra

0:37:25 Return of the midget/magic computers/SUSPENSION and the feds/the ballad of Bobby Joe/Snake Eyes???/Karate

Kommandos vs GI Joe/Juris-my-diction and the feds/the N word/the greatness of Busta Rhymes/Agent Jackson

isn’t just the token ninja/Chasing Amy aside

0:45:05 Did we even need the FBI?/crates of weapons into 3 backpacks/who used the crossbow/step away from the

movie/mystery of the Pearl beer at the party/a new 3 b’s?/return of the ASPCA

0:50:00 McBain to Bane/the long burial and the expurgated version/don’t shoot the dog/Mommie Dearest’s Uzi/Spaghetti

Hospital/It’s a trap!/nitro saves/Chuck Norris vs Buckaroo Banzai/The Raid? Part 1 redux/men can shrug off

bullets while braless women will die/Lone Wolf Burnside?/The healing power of beer

0:59:40 Regrouping the wounded/how Lone Wolf McQuade got his groove back/on the way to Mexico and the village/

a little bit of role reversal/Lola’s allegiance/Car-ate/the proud history of El Paso film/border security

1:07:20 Closing thoughts/Norris vs Carradine/daughter and potential new stepmom?/Final scores and next time/outro.

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