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Nuking the Podcat - Episode 5: The Super Inframan

[NOTE: On the player above, skip to track 5 to hear the latest Podcat!]

In an effort to try and be more relevant, [But never timely. – Ed.] we’ve opted to reformat the podcast. In the past, we’ve rambled on about the movies we’re looking at for over an hour and in the day of dwindling attention spans, well, we though we probably ought to shorten it up. So instead of talking about the movie in an almost commentary style, we’re boiling each film down to five points. These might be things that we enjoyed, things we hated or whatever…but they’re things that stood out to us while viewing and as such, are worth talking about. We’re trying to work our way down to about 30 minutes per episode…but drunk people ramble…and…we were drunk.

This episode, we take a look at Shaw Brothers Studio’s 1975 film, Super Inframan…an attempt to combine the standard 70s Hong Kong chop-socky flick that Shaw Brothers are so well known for with the then very popular tokusatsu genre from Japan…notable examples being Ultraman and Kamen Rider. So…what happens when east meets…further east? Let’s find out!


00:00 Intro and explanation of new format.

01:33 Chinese knock-offs/the Tokusatsu craze and the roots of

Super Inframan/Shaw Brothers pedigree/Upgrade by

osmosis/Superman and Tootsie pops/the opening credits

and the movie begins/Michael Bay inspiration/On-set fire


06:22 English language dub vs Chinese audio with English

subs/Princess Dragon-mom vs Princess Elzebub/Fetish wear, Evil Lyn and girlfriends past and present/leaking

abs/the MST3K connection (see pics below)/Joel vs. Mike/there HAD to be tentacles, didn’t there?

12:03 A monster, a professor and a henchmen are on a boat (see pic below)/CSI: Hong Kong?/the Monster Mash/projectile

blades/stoned monster/plugging the Wei Jiang Optimus/pants-splitting goodness/The Chosen One/Science Police without

laser guns/Balls, fleshy and crystal/good scientists have lairs too/Obligatory Mega Man reference/Dragon-mom vs.

Mother of Dragons/Bruceploitation connection?/There are no secret identities in China.

21:21 Action Action Action!/maybe a little too much restraint/any weapon you can get your hands on/Grow Large/the cure for

brain freeze/the cavalry hits the hardware store/badass scientists/beeping sounds and Doctor Who anime (I don't think this is what Charles was referring to though)/charm and chemistry.

26:00 Dragonmom’s pit fixation/bottomless?/preheat your lava/freezerburn/personal hell isn’t so bad/Captain

America???/effects by Radio Shack/sign me up for Infragirl/the Dating Game t-shirt/link to Iron Man?

32:33 Blocking the sun and backward thruster boots/tangled slinky-bots/Charles once dated Princess Dragon-mom/the Shaw

Brothers ejaculation/same old review scheme/obligatory Amazon plug/a quick goodbye.

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