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Site Stuff - Our New Rating Scale!

We're undergoing a lot of changes on the you've already noticed in our redesign and new logo. And in that regard, we're changing the way we do reviews too. Since the inception of the site, we've actively been avoiding trying to come up with a ratings scale...but with the new logo, well, the opportunity presented itself to essentially use the crap out of said logo. So, without further ado, I present to you our new five point scale! We'll mainly be using this for movies at first and then allow it to leak out into our other reviews as time goes by.

Hypno-Cat: Our highest rating. Content with this rating is utterly mesmerizing and repeated exposure isn't only's an absolute MUST! To be fair though, content with this rating is likely to be habit forming.

Happy Cat: Content with this rating is pretty darn good. Sure, it probably has a few flaws here and there but the end result is highly enjoyable and easily recommended.

Plain Cat: This content exists. Sure, it might have some good qualities but it probably has an equal amount of not-so-good qualities to go with it. Or maybe it just doesn't push the boundaries the way we thought or hoped it would. This is our average rating...typically reserved for bland content or stuff that we can recommend only with caveats and qualifiers.

Angry Cat: This content is a waste with either few redeeming qualities or just a cavalcade of bad qualities that squash the few points of light this content had going for it. For this stuff, we find ourselves wishing we'd kept the receipt so we could return it...but end up being angry that we threw it out while balancing the old bank account.

Dead Cat: Whatever this review is based on, it has drained me of my will to live. Viewing this content likely involved having to call a suicide prevention hotline soon afterward. This abomination is to be avoided at all costs.

So, you know, needless to say, it's our worst rating.

Be sure to let us know what you think of this scale as these little guys pop up from time to time!


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