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Toy Review: Transformers Third-Party - Open And Play's Big Cannon

How many of you were disappointed in Hasbro’s Titans Return release of Voyager-class Galvatron? Raise your hands.

::Raises hand::

[You know this sort of thing doesn’t work over the internet, right? – Ed.]

In my review of the toy, I wasn’t terribly keen on how the headmaster gimmick had been worked into him. That gripe still stands, but now there’s a new one. With the Combiner Wars release of leader-class Ultra Magnus and the Power of the Primes release of leader-class Rodimus Prime, this mad tyrant forged in the fires of Unicron now has an additional problem…a Napoleon complex. The two Autobots he’s served as an opposing number to are now out of his weight class. Thankfully not all is lost, as Third-Party manufacturer Open and Play has offered up a pretty good solution: Big Cannon.

What we have in BC is probably something Hasbro should’ve given us from the start…no headmaster and no tacked on spaceship-esque thingy third mode. Thus, we’re left with a futuristic space-artillery cannon and a pretty tall robot mode. As you’ll see in the pics, he actually stands about a head taller than the current leader-class figures…somewhat fitting given his Unicronian origins. The articulation and feel of the figure is very much spot-on for a general release from Hasbro with one exception…articulated fingers! Oh, and since wrist swivels seem to be going the way of the do-do…and BC has those too.

Transformation is practically identical to the Titans Return toy…but there’s one thing you’re going to want to look out for. When transforming into cannon mode, don’t just pull at the knees to get them to go where you need them to be. Instead, there are some spring-loaded tabs you have to move to the side to release the mechanism locking the knees in place. On this note, this seems as good a place as any to mention that the toy purposefully comes without instructions. Open and Play has a philosophy, no matter how misguided, that you should just open and play with their products. The good news is that BC is pretty sturdy and feels like he can take some punishment. Also, he’s pretty easy on the wallet when it comes to Third-Party products with only a $55-$65 asking price, depending on the seller. Oh…there’s something else BC doesn’t come with…actual packaging. Nope, you’ll receive this guy in a clear polybag with the purple outline of his likeness on it…and that’s it. I’d complain about this, but honestly most websites you can get this guy from end up packing their shipments so well that it shouldn’t be an issue. However, if you’re chosen dealer of plastic collectibles is a touch questionable with their shipping practices, well, then this is something you might want to consider before ordering.

But in my time with the toy, order him you should. Most joints are tight with some pretty good ratcheting…and this ends up playing and feeling like the Galvatron update I’d been hoping Hasbro would give us for some time now. He’s a better fit with Rodimus…although some have complained about the head sculpt (it doesn’t really bother me). The only thing he’s really missing is a Decepticon logo…and that can be remedied easily enough. I was able to pick mine up through although does have the up for preorder. All in all, I was pretty impressed with this guy and can very easily recommend him to fill that Galvatron-shape hole in your twisted little heart.

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