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Nuking The Podcat - Episode 9: The Calamari Wrestler

[Note: This podcast is track 5 on the player above. Even though it’s episode 9. Yes, we know. We can count…kinda.]

Hey, remember when we did a podcast? [Likely they’ve been trying really hard to forget. Possibly resulting in substance abuse. Given that when you two jokers turned this in I cracked open a bottle of whiskey…who am I to judge? – Ed.] Ahem. Anyway…WE’RE BACK! Yes, we know this is episode 9. We wanted to get the new hotness out there right away…and then we’ll circle back and put up episodes 7 and 8. The good(?) news is that episode 7 is already edited, so it’s just a question of compiling the liner notes.

So why did we rush this one out the door? Well, the Cat is travelling to Japan in mid-September and to prepare for that, we’ve decided to delve into Japanese cinema.

Er…scratch that.

We’ve decided to delve into Japanese B-cinema with Minoru Kawasaki’s The Calamari Wrestler! So, does seafood mix with professional sports-entertainment…with more than just a dose of Japanese craziness thrown in? Listen on…brave reader…listen on…


00:00 Intro

00:22 Alternate screaming baby intro/archival

podcasts/prospective new intros/more screaming.

02:12 The Calamari Wrestler/Trivia night contest and

rewards?/Nerds and wrestling…and broken

promises/The Ed Wood of Japan/Charles’ Hentai

Hangup/The Plot/Gold-diggers, Pong and tasteful tentacle

sex/Kawasaki’s wrestling fetish and other questionable tastes.

08:48 Shocking revelations and bad acting/Everything’s normal…even the man-sized squid/Keep your

‘topical’ out of my craziness!/Sylvester Stalone’s on line 1/mantis shrimp primer (with link) and

well researched crazy/The first 30 minutes and the influence of people you watch the movie

with (Special Appearance by Wolfcop).

14:30 Adrian! And…LOIS?!?/Enter Octopus/Gold-diggers part 2: a question of perspective/TRAINING

MONTAGE!/Tastefully done squid-sex…and an understandable drought/You can leave your

boots on/Happy ending? And Carlton Banks/Spoiler warning…ish?/Yes, they have B-movies in

Japan/When your movies are already crazy, how do you determine what’s a B-movie?/One

secret left.

21:00 The Noodle Incident/Everything’s normal, part 2/More screaming/The Rocky trilogy in one

shot/Alcoholism and accepting your inner octopus/a fine monster suit tradition

maintained/Homo-eroticism part 1/THE BABY’S GONE!

26:19 Ric Flair and cheddar for SDCC/Steve finally gets Charles’s reference/Pouring a little out for

TRU/Freud’s squid/ROCKET PUNCH!/I want to have your babies and Rosemary’s Squid/Gold-

digger’s reprise and alcohol eruptions/Uneven starts and the payoff…with shrimp/Do squid dig

on Dom Perignon?

34:45 How far is too far?/Twist ending and the forgettable slapping/FML and sepia tones…in hell/Call

back to Episode 1/Intestinal blockage and homo-eroticism part 2/Seedy underbelly of the

internet/David Carradine/Callback to Lone Wolf McQuade/Scoring…with alcohol/No secret

identity/Do you have to let it linger?/Scoring with alcohol part 2…and maybe some

herb?/Expired outro and an unscripted where you can find us.

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