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Reign of the Supermen pt. 2: Franken-Routh

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Check out the Toys section for the latest in a series of Superman figures I spent too much money on!

This time around, we have Brandon Routh from Superman Returns. Why the "Franken-Routh" in the title? Well, because he has the head, hands and outfit from Medicom's RAH Superman Returns figure, a Hot Toys True Type body, and the neck from a BBI figure.

While ultimately, this figure is probably the least flashy of the Supermen that will comprise this series, that's mainly due to the components all being released around the same time as the movie: 2006. A lot of progress in toy technology has come along since then (thank you for not snickering at that!). Well, that and I've always had a beef with the closed nature of the neck of the costume. Heck, it's almost a turtle-neck...and there's just no real way to make that work. All in all, I think it's still a good representation of a movie that everyone but me and at best 5 other people would like to forget.

Check out the gallery in the Toys section, then come back here to comment!

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