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Nuking the Podcat Episode 1 - Disney's The Black Hole

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Yes! We have a podcast!

No! It probably isn’t very good!

Still, cut us some slack. Like any first episode or season of a series, there’s some rough spots here that’ll get ironed out in time as we get more and more familiar with the format and comfortable with the microphones…and the fact that this is heading out to the entire internet. So…you know…no pressure.

Now, strap yourselves in for a fair amount of nervous laughs and two guys getting drunk talking about nerd stuff. We now present…


0:00:00 – Opening and introductions

0:02:00 – Nerd News and Headlines (from

0:07:20 – Suicide Squad Tangent

0:08:00 – Review for Disney’s The Black Hole (Spoilers)

0:23:20 – Brief plug for next episode, reviewing Buckaroo Banzai

0:23:45 – Back to The Black Hole (John Barry’s Overture and Score)

0:24:40 – Epic film/golden age of Hollywood Tangent

0:25:45 – Kick-Ass Puppets Tangent (Dark Crystal, 90’s Teenage Mutant Ninja

Turtles, The Jim Henson Company, Labyrinth)

0:28:30 – Back to The Black Hole…again (Brief drinks interlude, Remake possibilities, the

pitfalls of Remakes and the case for ‘remastered’ effects, late 70’s/early 80’s

“handcrafted” cinema and effects)

0:33:00 – The Black Hole: The fates of the crews of the Palomino and the Cygnus

(Ambiguous and Downer Endings, DC vs Marvel films, Lighter tones vs darker

tones and their appeal to the general audience) and more remake fears.

0:39:00 – Brief plug for B-Movie TV on Roku, Crimes of Passion, Arrow Video, nod to

0:40:10 – The fate of Dr. Durant and the temptation to follow Reinhart and a failure to

pronounce Mimieux. Female actresses: portraying intelligence vs. just straight


0:44:00 – The madness of Dr. Reinhart, the fall of Harry Booth, comparisons to

Interstellar, Dracula in Space?

0:50:15 – Reflections on the cast, whatever happened to Robert Forster? Dragon Wars.

0:52:00 – Wrapping up the Black Hole, more on remakes and blockbusters, the pitfalls of

larger corporations making movies, Disney-ifcation of Marvel

0:56:00 – Harley Quinn ranting, crimes against cosplay

0:59:16 – Last call on The Black Hole, review metrics and criteria and final thoughts on

the film, including robot sex.

1:06:00 - Outro

Comments? Suggestions for topics and formats? Leave a comment and let us know! And, most importantly, show us what you're drinking while listening! We'll either laud your good taste...or openly wonder how you can down such swill!

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