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Toy Review - Transformers Titans Return: Siege on Cybertron Box Set

We continue with our ‘clip show’ reviews here as we continue to make the transition from Titans Return to Power of the Primes…this time with the Big Bad Toy Store exclusive box set: Siege on Cybertron. [Well, it was a BBTS exclusive in the US, I think Toys R Us had it in Canada…and I have no idea with regards to the rest of the world. – Ed.] While like the previous box set, Chaos on Velocitron, there really isn’t anything new here…just interesting repaints of previously released molds, oh, wait, scratch that, you’ve got the Thunderwing Titan Master and a new clone, this time the Decepticon Pounce…but the big difference here between this set and the previous one is that this set feels like a gateway drug. I’ll explain this later on in the review. As always, we’ll insert links to the first time any particular mold was reviewed.

Thunderwing: Unfortunately, only a Titan Master. For me, the great thing about the Rodimus Prime Titan Master included in the previous set was the fact that I felt it was a MUCH better head for Hot Rod than the Titan Master he came with, Firedrive. The problem with Thunderwing is that unlike Roddy, there’s no larger Thunderwing for him to go with! You just have his disembodied head. Sure, there’s the old Universe deluxe class figure…but…no. I’m holding out hope that we might see a leader class Thunderwing in Power of the Primes…so there might be some use for him yet, but as of right now, he’s just kinda there…and that’s pretty meh.

Pounce: This set gives us our first Decepticon clone, Pounce. Given that the original G1 mold didn’t give us much, I wasn’t expecting a lot with the update here…and it was pretty much what I was expecting: improved articulation and that’s about it! Still, this guy, like Fastlane in the previous set, is perfect legends class fodder…the only flaw he has, like his predecessor, is there’s no weapon included.

Metalhawk: Triggerhappy’s wave 3 deluxe mold continues to be a standout of the line with a fun and slightly complex transformation as well as solid bot and vehicle modes. A fresh coat of paint to evoke a callback to the Japan-only Pretender works really well here. The new vibrant colors don’t completely make this mold feel like a new toy unto itself but using an extremely well done mold as a base is certainly no crime! This figure may not be a reason to buy this set but its inclusion will make you glad that you did.

Tidal Wave: This pretty much offsets any of the goodwill established by Metalhawk. Here, we have the hot mess that is the Broadside mold but with Tidal Wave’s Japanese color scheme from their version of Armada. [Micron Det…Des…dammit gimmie a sec…Densetsu. All praise the TFWiki. – Ed.] The amount of time you invest in this hunk of plastic is time you’ll never get back. Think about that before touching this abomination. He comes with the Aerialbots, just like Broadside…only this time molded in black plastic. [If you think about that too long, your head will explode. We’ve already lost three interns. – Ed.] But yeah, every single problem Broadside had is here. Joy.

Magnus Prime: I haven’t the foggiest as to why they chose this name. Sure, you could make the argument that the mold for the leader class Powermaster Optimus Prime was derived from the old Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus…but truth be told, I don’t think Hasbro felt they could market this as what it REALLY is…Super Ginrai! [Which is weird given that these box sets are aimed at collectors…you know, the people GUARANTEED to get the reference! – Ed.] Anyway, here we have the Japanese version of the Powermaster Prime mold with all its refinements: new rifles, a different Titan Master head (although the Titan Master itself is relatively unchanged aside from a slightly better paint job…but still not matching the Japanese Hi-Q homage), new arms and of course, those ‘wonderful’ feet you’ve heard so much about. These changes, of course, are to accommodate the Japan-exclusive Godbomber…and that’s why this Prime here is a bit of a gateway drug. Buying this box set, you’re halfway to your own God Ginrai…and come on man, why would you NOT want that?!?! On his own, this Prime isn’t too bad…oh, I forgot to mention that the truck cab is different too…better reflecting the look of the original toy. I’ll admit that this toy was the whole reason I bought the box…and yes, predictably, this started me on the road toward that God Ginrai. [And it’s pretty damn sweet…but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. – Ed.] Judging Prime on his own, all in all I felt like the aesthetics were tweaked just enough to better homage the original Powermaster Prime. The feet can be a little iffy (remember, the original’s weren’t stellar either!) and I’d really prefer it if the heels actually locked into place. [If you break down and get the Ginrai/God Bomber giftset, they do. – Ed.] Honestly though, you need to be either really obsessed with the original Powermaster Optimus, God Ginrai or both in order to want this guy. If neither of those things mean much to you, you’re probably already pretty satisfied with the wave 1 leader version that came out at the launch of the line. Me? Oh yeah, I’m obsessed…so nabbing this is, as Kevin Smith would say, a HUGE bucket of win.

The reviews that follow this will document the trek I took to assemble that joyous piece of plastic that is indeed God Ginrai…but to wrap up on this boxed set…there are great pieces here like Prime and Metalhawk, a good legends class Decepti-clone, a meh Titan Master and sadly, a piece of $#!* that is a Broadside repaint. For me, it was a mostly good deal, but I can see how mileage can vary on this one.

[And yes, we know, the gallery thing is still going on. What can I say, Wix sucks. It may end up impacting some of the next few posts too...but we now know how to avoid the problem and will be actively doing so with future reviews. - Ed.]

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