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Toy Review - Action Toys' Bike Robo DX [The REAL Masterpiece Cy-Kill]

When Go-Bots started falling behind Transformers back in the hey-day of transforming robots duking it out in the toy aisle for a kid’s hard-begged-for cash, Tonka opted to go bigger…making Super Go-Bots, toys akin to their smaller brethren with similar transformations (mostly…I STILL can’t figure out Super Spay-C) but on a larger scale…better fitting in with their main competitors from Cybertron.

It’s pretty obvious how this worked out.

So, here in the modern age, should we be concerned that Action Toys has decided to step up from their Machine Robo line to bring us Machine Robo DX…bringing us TRUE Masterpiece Go-Bots? Or are the little versions selling so well that they decided to widen out the line? If Bike Robo DX is any indication, I’m REALLY hoping it’s the latter because…DAMN…you wanna talk Masterpiece? You’ve gotta include this guy in the conversation!

Transformation on this guy is relatively simple if you recall either Action Toys’ previous, much smaller go at the character or just the old school Cy-Kill. There are some improvements over their previous attempt, such as no parts-formering the motorcycle mode’s handlebars, double elbows and some pretty stiff joints…many of which have some strong ratchets. Like Action Toys’ other offerings, Bike Robo here does have some die-cast, giving him some heft…and the bot mode is tall enough where he kinda even fits in with the Transformers Masterpiece figures. I mean, sure, as a Go-Bot, he should be a little smaller, right?

Then there are the accessories. We get bits that help complete the illusion of Bike Robo turning into a motorcycle such as replacement hands that lack any articulation and a plain white faceplate to replace where the robot’s face was. What’s that…replaceable faces? Hrm…what could that open the door to? Could it be…not one, not two, but THREE Cy-Kill faces??? Hell yes!!! By pushing down on the top of the robot’s head (the motorcycle’s headlight) you can remove the current face and choose from a grinning Cy-Kill, an angry Cy-Kill and a plain Cy-Kill. [Maybe he’s in repose? – Ed.] To further this Go-Bots aesthetic, two hand blasts are included, making it look like Cy-Kill is using the cartoon’s choice for firepower. Using these will require removing the hands then plugging in the effects pieces...and as you can tell in the pics that it ends up looking pretty darn cool.

The question you have to ask yourself is…is he really worth $120? If I try to look at this objectively…boy that’s really hard to answer. It’d be much easier for me to recommend him if he was priced at $100 or less…so I can easily see where collectors on a budget might have a problem with this guy and I totally understand! The thing that did it for me was the Cy-Kill faces…the minute I saw those I entered “shut up and take my money” mode. [You say that like this doesn’t happen often. – Ed.] On the off chance that Eagle Robo…AKA Leader-1…is the next one to get this DX treatment, yeah, I’m gonna have to encourage anyone with any fleeting interest in Go-Bots getting their due to do whatever it takes to get their mitts on Masterpiece Cy-Kill here…call in a favor, beg the spouse…[Before you go any further, I’m just gonna step in here and say that any and all efforts should be within the law…so, you know, no stealing, killing or the like. I shouldn’t have to say this…but…you know…the internet. – Ed.]

I’ll just leave this link here…

You’re welcome.

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